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My first few months as a Chair-Rider

We all own a different path to a wheelchair. In a matter of hours, my life went from 100 mph on my two feet, to 4.7 mph on my power-wheelchair.

I didn’t get here dramatically or with valor. I wasn’t fighting for our country down-range. I didn’t get here due to a tragic industrial accident. Nor from a fall off a sheer rock face while climbing in Yosemite. Rather, my fall was from a harbinger of age and mortality, a stroke landed me here.

In the Bible book of Ecclesiastes, life is compared to being as fleeting as vapor. Well, since my stroke July 5th of 2023, my vapor has been condensing on a wheelchair seat.


The day after I woke up in a hospital bed. My thoughts were, “this ain’t going to get me down, and I’m going to come out of this stronger than I went in. God must have more missions for me.” So with my entire left side nonfunctional, but my mindset positive, I unintentionally provided some comic relief for the nursing staff when they walked in for their morning rounds and found me doing ab crunches in my hospital bed. Months later, my left leg can move a little, my left arm not at all. I’m not in a hospital, and I’m still doing 50 crunches before dawn.

My first two missions were simple. As the expression goes, “with one hand tied behind my back”, I was determined to pull my wallet out of my pocket and articulate currency and credit cards one-handed. The second goal was “to wipe my own dang butt”. Missions accomplished!


To varying degrees, all chair-riders, are working through those crazy little things that we never used to think twice about. Some daily tasks are easy; other tasks are frustrating and seem monumental. Tools like power-chairs, long shoehorns, and those grabber/reacher devices help us navigate each day. We are continually adapting and overcoming.


In a chair, I see the world from a whole different perspective. 3-D has changed to 2-D. What matters most is “what’s in in front of me or what’s coming below me”. Those curbs are higher, doorways are narrower, doors are heavier, and those wheelchair ramps I hardly ever noticed before, are so far away, especially in the rain. I’m not an “ask for help” kind of guy, but I’m learning there are a lot of helpful people out there.


Another feat, more of attitude than prowess, was to try and enjoy an annual Halloween party. At first, I didn’t want to attend, then I dug deeper, went, and ended up having a blast. Lt Dan won best costume! So, find your missions, big or small. Own them, roll with them, smash obstacles, and thrive.

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Clyde Caceres

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2 responses to “Missions”

  1. Garrett Rob Avatar
    Garrett Rob

    Very proud of you my friend. God has a lot more for your life.

    Love you brother


    1. Heath Gunns Avatar
      Heath Gunns


      Thanks for the kind words. We are blessed to have Clyde share this journey with us all. We are hopeful that Clyde will continue to share his journey with us.

      Best to you and yours my friend!


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