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As we dive into June 2024, Spoken Outdoors continues to thrive, bridging the gap between outdoor adventures and those who serve our communities. Here are some highlights from recent events: 

  1. Bitterroot River Adventure: In April, we hosted potential donors on a memorable floating and fishing trip along the West Fork of the Bitterroot River in Montana. This strengthened relationships and paved the way for future river excursions. 
  1. NRA Whittington Center: Our collaboration with the NRA Whittington Center promises exciting events. Stay tuned for updates! 
  1. McKenzie River Wooden Boat Festival: At this festival in Vida, Oregon, our handicap-accessible drift boat turned heads. Conversations sparked around river access for mobility-challenged individuals. 
  1. Madison River Expedition: Despite tough conditions, we organized a multi-day fishing event for first responders and veterans in Ennis, Montana. A supportive board member ensured everyone was well-fed. 
  1. Northwest Hunt Fest: Our accessible boat garnered attention at this trade show in Coeur D Alene, Idaho. We even held a drawing for a Kootenai River fishing trip. 
  1. Deschutes River Adventure: Later this month, we’re teaming up with other nonprofits for a four-day drift boat, whitewater, camping, and fly fishing experience near Maupin, Oregon. 
  1. Concert Connection: Spoken Outdoors received concert tickets and will showcase our accessible drift boat while sharing our mission with concert-goers. 

We’re grateful for your support and excited about the future. Together, we’ll continue pushing boundaries, building confidence, and serving those who protect us. Make a difference, donate today.

Spoken Outdoors serves America’s Protectors by hosting events throughout the U.S. focusing on outdoor experiences that educate, stretch boundaries, challenge limits, and create confidence. Sign up for our newsletter or visit our website.

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