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It’s been quite a journey getting Spoken Outdoors off the ground. We are endlessly thankful for the support we’ve received thus far, the friends and family who have joined us, and all those who are watching. The team continue to work tirelessly towards our mission of serving America’s Protectors by hosting events throughout the U.S. to enjoy outdoor experiences that educate, stretch boundaries, challenge limits, and create confidence in a safe, controlled environment.

I am taking a few moments to update you on our progress as well as the milestones on the horizon.

  • We have dedicated ourselves to crossing all the proverbial t’s and i’s as we build Spoken Outdoors. Our application for non-profit 501(c)3 status has been filed. With such diligent attention given, our team remain confident that our application will process rapidly, awarding non-profit status in no time.  
  • Amidst that process, we have created a landing space for you through our website and social media. We strive for an online space you can feel confident visiting and sharing.
  • In case you missed it, we are blessed to announce that we will be bringing to our fleet of resources wheelchair accessible drift boat access to assist in our outdoor experiences offered. We are overjoyed to get these boats wet on river adventures with some special folks. Read more about it in our recent blog “Mobility-challenged in a Drift Boat? Absolutely!“.
  • Planning is in full swing for several events we will be hosting. We are looking forward to sharing those details soon. What I can tell you is this: our team is fired up about these events. Not only are we honored to host, we are honored to share these experiences with participants.
  • Within our communities we have received wonderful feedback and financial support. (Again, we thank you!) We invite you to continue supporting our mission. Follow Spoken Outdoors on Facebook and Instagram, forward our newsletter, or donate today.
  • Additionally, we are dedicated to bringing you frequent blog posts on all things outdoors – not just Spoken Outdoors. You can receive blog updates direct to your email. (Don’t worry, we wont overload you.)

I also must mention how truly spectacular this team is. The Spoken Outdoors officers work closely with the Board of Directors. These are folks held to the highest of professional standards. Their integrity unquestionable, honesty absolute. Each of them set standards and hold firm. You’d be hard pressed to find a more cohesive group of people with a shared passion for both people and the outdoors. It’s an honor to be on this journey with them.

We extend our gratitude for all of your support! Please share our site, our name, or this article. If you feel called to donate, we greatly appreciate your contribution.

We’ll be back with more.

Spoken Outdoors serves America’s Protectors by hosting events throughout the U.S. focusing on outdoor experiences that educate, stretch boundaries, challenge limits, and create confidence. Sign up for our newsletter or visit our website.

McKenzie Keyes

President of Spoken Outdoors | You can find her reading, gardening, or playing with toy dinosaurs. With a lifetime love for the outdoors and deep appreciation for the benefits nature provides, she has carried that through to her experiences in the nonprofit sector over the last 15 years. Her other hats include Mom and Lactation Counselor.

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