Dependence to Independence.

Originally written December 10, 2023

Doubt to Confidence to Peace of Mind

Teaching someone who is physically challenged to defend themselves takes them on a path from dependence to independence.  From doubt to confidence.  Dependence means having to have someone else charge up magazines for you. Teaching someone how to charge magazines gives them independence to do it themselves. I saw it happen to women who had suffered physical injuries in war and which in turn caused unseen and undetected injuries to their self confidence.

Once, the women I have worked with had been part of a military unit with other members to depend upon for support.  Now they are on their own and must look to themselves for that very support and defense.  I heard the women speak of their doubts, but I saw them grow in confidence when they realized they could handle a handgun, load it, unload it, aim it at a target and then decide to hit that target based on their own decision.  

I was given the opportunity to work with women veterans whose scars and injuries are quite visible, including those confined to wheelchairs.  I stood and watched them struggle with tasks which are a piece of cake for most of us but which take gargantuan efforts for them using unique techniques I would never have thought of.  I gave them a skill to learn and they showed me how they would do it!  Success!  And the success washed away the doubt to be replaced with confidence and peace of mind. What a terrific experience for them and for me!  

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Vicki Farnam

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